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June 17, 2011

WIP River Song from Doctor Who 7

Well well well....I gave myself a deadline and was much more optimistic of my skills than I deserved...LOL It's 8:30 pm, I'm exhausted and hungry and still haven't finished. Before I could make the holster, I needed to make the gun and this really took me all day to do. Why??? Cuz I've never done it before and had to try and figure out how to do it. Now that it's finished, I look back and could have probably not gone through so much but anyways, it is want it is.
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I went to walmart and walked through the whole store trying to find something to get me started. Searched the toy department, and found perfect guns, but 7 bucks??? And not to mention, no learning that way. But I did find this.

They're these connectors for a radio or car lights or something manly. I thought they looked like they'd be good gun parts.

So After I got home, I wired them together to create this armature.
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Next added clay and baked it.
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And here's the finished gun.

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But there's a problem......It's so big, it doesn't fit like it's supposed to, in a holster worn on her thigh. But I like the gun, I like it out of proportion too, but am not sure how to place it on her.

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Any advice?? Please help if you have an idea.

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