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June 28, 2011

Sculpting Gillian Anderson 1

I've started Scully, and she's in the oven baking right now. If it's ok with the commissioner of this doll, I'd like to dress her in a pretty suit with a skirt. I've been watching the X-files to get a feel of the character and she had a really lovely brown suit and a pretty rose colored suit. They were so nice and tailored, and maybe I'll be able to duplicate one of those.

She's got little pointy feet because I'm going to put her in dress shoes, well not high heeled ones but flats. I'm excited to get going with her. Her face was a challenge and I don't think she looks much like her, but I think when she's all finished, dressed, painted and wigged, it'll be easy to tell who she's supposed to be.

Follow along with me while I sculpt Gillian if you're interested. I'd love to have you along :o)

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