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April 7, 2008


Because of losing my Terabyte, I've been recovering photos from everywhere I can. In the recovery process, I've had the opportunity to see some old stuff I hadn't seen in a long time.

I thought I'd share some of the things that I found. This reminded me of how difficult it was for me to switch from the 'FAIRY FAIRY FAIRY' desires of collectors. It's hard to break out of a box, especially when I'm the one who put myself into it.

For me it was hard to justify my desire to sculpt if I couldn't prove (sales) that other people wanted my work. That's why I for so long sculpting things that I did not enjoy.

I tried to put a little bit in the headline to show the struggle it's been to be able to sculpt only Chibis and find a following. The first chibis is shown as being created in 2003, but actually I've made these little guys in various forms before there was a thing such as digital media. Unfortunately, non of these previous works still exist, nor do photos.

April 5, 2008

In Search Of....

I'm in search of full size ad images for the Chibis shown above. If you have ANY of them, I'd be so so grateful if you'd consider emailing them to me.

my email is

I will update this post if I receive images.