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August 31, 2011

All Free Crochet Yarn Giveaway!

I'm a big fan of the website I love to crochet and I love to see what others make, and their patterns, ideas, videos. Some nights, I just grab a youtube playlist of crochet and sit at my computer and crochet along...LOL

Tonight while reading my All Free Crochet newsletter, I found that they're have a giveaway of two scenes of this beautiful black razzle yarn! Well, I like to wing thing!! So that's what I'm doing, is entering the contest. I've never used a yarn like this, and honestly would feel guilty buying it without knowing what I'll do with it. But if I can WIN it, I can't go wrong!!!

So come on over an enter yourself and see if you can win the yarn. Heck, you don't crochet you say? That's ok, if you win you can just donate it to me. mwahhhhahhhhaaaa haa. ;) Just kidding my buddies.

From the website:

Razzle Whimsical Yarn Giveaway

Black Razzle Yarn
Gifted By

Reviewed by Christine Weiher Editor for

The first time I laid eyes on this yarn my eyes sparkled with joy. The black Razzle yarn from the Good Girl Bad Girl Collection is full of shimmery sparkle and gems; it reminded me of New Year's Eve. The rhinestones are hand tied throughout yarn. If you get yourself a couple skeins of this fun yarn you can make a fabulous outfit specifically for New Year's eve and wow everyone. Or you can crochet a scarf to wear during the winter. It's made of 80% polyamide and 20% crystal stone. It is recommended that you handwash this yarn.Add a little sparkle in your life by crocheting some free patterns with this yarn.

New Chibitude Amigurumi

These little amigurumi dolls are custom made by me just for you! Why? As Sarah says, "Because they're cool and awesome!" and as Christi says "I love them because they are kinda like having a little friend with you all the time that you can just give a little squeeze so that you don't feel so all alone"

They are hand crocheted out of my own original patterns and designs. I am willing to take custom orders as well, so if you like the doll but would like different colors, please contact me with your request. (please allow 1 week extra for me to make the custom dollies)

What is Amigurumi
(lit. crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is derived from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll. Amigurumi are typically animals, but can include artistic renderings or inanimate objects endowed with anthropomorphic features.

August 29, 2011

WIP Redress Anne of Avonlea 3


Anne is finished pending approval of her owner. :o) She's cute, and was fun to do. But those shoes gave me fits! lol....that is until I figured out how to make them. Then they were fun. xox

WIP Redress Anne of Avonlea 2

Here I've created her dress. The shoulders are attached at the top but not underneath the arm. That is because this is a ball jointed doll, and she needs to be able to move her arms. This allows for the freedom to raise the arms over her head, move forward and backward.
I crocheted this delicate lace. It's made using the smallest needle that I have and a simple pattern that I developed to make my daisy lace.
 Anne's jumper is finished. Lastly I will be crocheting a color for her dress that matches the green lace. 

August 28, 2011

WIP Redress Anne of Avonlea 1

These little shoes have a sole size of just 7/8ths of an inch. Hard to visualize? Just picture the heel of the boot at the left side of your thumbnail, and the toe of the boot at the right side of your thumbnail. The smallest shoes I've ever made. The soles are made with craft foam. The laces are black thread.

The shoes for Anne needed to be tiny. Smaller than Barbie, and that's small. These boots (lace up) are made with just one piece of fabric, thread and glue. The actual pattern is here with a sole size of just 7/8ths of an inch.

The glue around her soles is completed and dry.  
anne_avonlea_jumper_pattern_thumb.jpg0 viewsThis is the design I'm going to use for her outfit. I think it'll be quite cute when it's finished. 

August 26, 2011

Look how Totally Cute!

One of my collectors sent me a picture of his families chibi village. It's so cute!!! And there are some here that I didn't make but I bet you can't tell with ones they are (unless you're the person who made them).

I love when people do this. I need to get all these photos together in one place so people can see them all together. (and me too of

xoxo Thanks for reading!

August 19, 2011

WIP Amigurumi Beagle 2

More updates on the sweet little Beagle. She is coming out so well, I just love her! Her head isn't attached yet, but I like this angle. :o) Her eyes are going to be fun too.  xo

WIP Amigurumi Beagle

Here's the little one I'm working on today. It's for a very special person of a very special puppy. This is my 2nd dog I've made, and it is a challenge developing the patterns. But that's what I like. A challenge :o)

August 17, 2011

WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 10

YAY! She is finally finished!! I'm so happy! She's got new pompoms on her shoes. New shoes to match her dress, a more form fitted dress, new wings with wire in them and a pretty green ribbon. Thanks for following along with me :o)

Here's a standing photo of little Tink

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Amigurumi Neko Cuddle Cat Kitten

New Amigurumi Doll 
These little amigurumi dolls are custom made by me just for you!

Add them to your NEW CHIBITUDE AMIGURUMI collection (he he), or spritz them with your favorite perfume, or take them to bed with you and cuddle the night away.

August 16, 2011

This little outfit fits soooooooo much better. Using the finer material, and making sure she's got bootie really made the difference. I think she looks adorable! I feel like I want to make a Sailor Moon doll, now seeing Tink in the outfit. :o)

She still needs a couple of final touches that you won't be able to see, like painting the bottom of her base etc, but other than that, this little one is happy and finished.

Here she is in more poses. I thought I was going to add more stuff to her base, but now I'm not sure because she seems to enjoy moving all around it.

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WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 9

Here's her cute little underpants. I know, I coulda maybe even shoulda used green, but she said that since she's not a "Disney" Tinkerbell that she has a little more say in how she looks, and she wanted yellow flowered undies. Who could say "no" to that face?

Tinky's got back. Tinks got nice back...LOL This will make her skirt hang so cute with her have a cute little booty!

Here's the sections of Tink's dress. I put some pretty green glitter at the bottom of each point as well as around the top. If you don't see the top, look above the foil on the alligator clip. 

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WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 8

Here are some step by step pictures of the base I'm making for Tinkerbell. I'm using Studio by Sculpey clay, and Bake & Bond. And the Bake & Bond is wonderful! It's thick enough and sticky enough that it actually holds the clay where I want it until it's baked. So I didn't have to sqwersh up my little decorations.

Thanks for taking a peek. Next I must dress little Tink. She loves the new base. She said she might like a flower on the top to sit on and a nice mushroom for her feet. I'll look into that for her :o)

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August 15, 2011

WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 7

Here is Miss Tink with her fresh new skin. She's being kept in a baggy so that it doesn't get soiled with all the crazyness that's going on at my work table...LOL There's her wings next to her too. Those are going to be attached with a pretty ribbon. I need to work on her little pom poms to freshen them up a bit, and get working on her base some more.

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August 14, 2011

WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 6

Tink is getting fresh skin. Since she's getting a nice new dress I thought it best to do it all. :O) Look how skinny she is!! This is a good time to give her a butt. And some more of the boobicles too.

Here I'm preparing material for Tink's new dress. This is green crepe paper. I put tls on it and sprinkled glitter on it. I think this will be prettier than the previous dress.

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WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 5

Here it's hard to tell what I'm doing, but I thought I'd explain because it might help some people. There are different kinds of liquid clay. Kato Liquid Polyclay , Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Fimo Gel, Studio by Sculpey Bake-n-Bond. And each one has a different result when used.
Here I'm using two different kinds of liquid polymer clay. Over her skin, I'm using translucent liqud sculpey (TLS) and over her shoes I'm using Fimo Gel. Fimo Gel has a slight shiny appearance when baked, and it's slightly sticky like rubber is. I'm going to apply a pretty green mica powder to her shoes after they're baked, and Fimo Gel leaves just the right amount of tackiness for this. Over her skin, I'm using TLS because it has a very matte appearance when cured. I like this look for the skin. They both at the same temperature for the same amount of time so this isn't an issue, although painting them to butt up against each other was a challenge...LOL We'll see if I succeeded in about 16 more minutes. :o)

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WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 4

Been working on Tink today and we're having a much better time. I started by making some pretty gold and green wings for her, but we both decided that they weren't what she was looking for. Here's a picture of the first wings that we changed our minds on:
So I started on some other wings. Back in the day------------waaaaaaaaaaaay back, I used to make wings and sell them. And there were all kinds that I made, so I pulled out some of my old techniques and created these for Miss Tink. We both like them very very much!
The next thing that we're working on is a little piece of "home" that she can take with her to her new destination. This is the beginning of what will be both her base and doll stand.
I'm using multiple materials to work on this. I started with two index cards and made a box and a random shape for the bottom. Taped it together, and then began to cover it with two part epoxy.
The first epoxy stuff I used was my favorite kind, Loctite brand. And then because it just sets up so fast and I was feeling anxious...LOL I decided to do the rest of it with my other favorite kind...Fixit Sculpt. That's why you see two different colors. The Loctite is kind of light blue and sets up in about 5 minutes total. The Fixit has a little bit of a yellowish/greenish tint and sets up in 1 to 4 hours. Much easier to work with if you're patient enough to wait for it to set up.

Next on my agenda is that I'm going to redress Tink. I don't like her outfit. I like the idea of it, just not the execution of the design. I'm going to remake it with some different materials so that it's more delicate, and more figure forming.

Tinks little shoes are giving me fits too, because the paint keeps chipping off while working on her. I'm going to redo that as well, and cover them with a nice coat of TLS so there will not be any more concerns with that. I'm going to have to take her wig back off in order to do this, but I think it will be worth it.

Sometimes when I'm working on a doll, if there's one thing I'm not crazy about and I don't stop, but just keep moving forward I find that I stall. That's the case with Tinks dress. She's got such a cute face. Her dress shouldn't be so chunky.

Okies...That's it for now. Back to work for me!

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August 10, 2011

chibitude update!

Handmade Amigurumi Chibi Black and White Pitbull Puppy

My version of an amugurumi Pitbull puppy.

Handmade Amigurumi Chibi Black and                                 White Pitbull Puppy Handmade Amigurumi Chibi Black and                                 White Pitbull Puppy Handmade Amigurumi Chibi Black and                                 White Pitbull Puppy Handmade Amigurumi Chibi Black and                                 White Pitbull Puppy Handmade Amigurumi Chibi Black and                                 White Pitbull Puppy

Lucy our adopted pitbull puppy was re-assimilated into her original family. Although we miss her sooo much, it's great that she's back with her daddy and mommy. But ever since we had her, I'm just in love with pittys. I can't get enough of them. She was the sweetest ball of muscles! So here's a tribute to sweet little Lucy.
I                               Love Lucy

only $18.25 + 1.75 s/h on etsy

WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 3

For years I fought to keep away from custom orders, but now, it's just so fun to have someone to work with. Tinki got a little bit of a make-over today. Day before yesterday we had a little oops and I had to wash the paint off of her face. Yesterday I repainted and send updated photos to my partner in Tink. And we both agreed that something wasn't right. She saw it right away, and shared her opinion. Thankfully she felt comfy enough to be honest! YAY! are updated pictures after her repaint.

And some more.

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August 9, 2011

WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 2

With her hair finished. I think she looks cute, but am not sure how the commissioner will feel. I had a very hard time with her hair because it's so soft and fly-away.

Here she is as I was working on her hair. Poor little thing, her hair was everywhere, and it was driving me crazy going up my nose and all over my clothes. I'm sure she felt the same way!
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