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May 9, 2008

Thank You Chibis!!!

These beautiful flowers arrived today. And I was really perplexed, I thought they had the wrong address. I asked the delivery woman if she was sure she had the right person. She said, are you Maddy Nupp? So I signed and brought them inside.

What beautiful flowers, and since I've never had any children, I couldn't figure out why they'd be coming to me. So I slowly put off opening the card. (I'm the type of gal who likes to savor a surprise). I admired the flowers, the lovely basket and knew it must be someone who knew me, because the flowers were so much my taste. Pink, Yellow , Orange and Purple!!

So I finally opened the card after basking in the lovely feelings I had, and that's when I got tears in my eyes. I will type out what it said.

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom. We all want to tell you how much we love you for bringing us here and giving us such wonderful homes to live in. We are being very good...well most of the time. xoxoxoxoxoxo All us Chibis"

I am so touched! I didn't even realize that they had phones in Kiki Valley to order flowers. But when I think about it, they must have gotten together at night and discussed it, and then one that has already been adopted by somebody here must have snuck to the phone when their adoptive mommy or daddy wasn't looking. I'm just glad that it came from 1800flowers, cuz if it hadn't the long distance call would have given it away, and they might have gotten in trouble for using the phone...he he.

Since I don't know which chibi and which mommy or daddy is responsible for the lovely gift, I just want to say a great big thank you out here in to the internet world and hope that the appropriate chibis/parents get the message.

My day has officially been made so so so very special. Biggest hugs and kisses!!
xoxo Maddy