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January 28, 2010

Experimenting with Clays pt 2

Well, I've found another cold porcelain recipe, and have been testing this one. I'm really not sure. Sculpting with it was good as far as firmness went, but blending was difficult because the recipe writer said "do not use water".

I HAD to use water, but it seems like things worked ok.
Here are some pictures of what I sculpted.

I used food coloring to color the CP. My hands are still stained blue in places...LOL

How look at the difference once the clay dried.

The head is in a different position, because as it dried, the front legs shortened, which made the head lean too far towards the ground. The back legs also shrunk which caused it to lean even more.

In the 2nd picture, I have taken the legs off and repositioned them using more cold porcelain as well as tacky glue and some wire.

in the third picture, I've added eyelids, and reinforces the areas around the legs. I'm not sure if you can see it, but the ears kind of puffed up as they dried. The place where the eyes are also puffed, so the side profile is no longer the same. These are things I'll have to learn in order to work with this medium.

Whatcha think? Do you like the CP?

January 26, 2010

Air Dry Clays

Here you'll find pictures of my attempts at working with home made clays. I so have been wanting to make my own, but find that I have trouble with the mixtures. Granted, now that it's been quite some time since I've done these, I see them in a different light, and actually think that the blue salt-dough chibi is quite adorable.
This was my cold porcelain failure. See how his little left leg deflated? And his ears puffed out, yet shriveled where they were attached to his head. Below is a picture from the back where you can see that his neck also shriveled.
This next picture is another cold porcelain attempt, and this one came out better. I used a different mixture. This chibi is actually quite acceptable too. Boy I was being hard on myself at the time.
This guy is a salt dough chibi. He's adorable, but a total mess. It's my fault! I was impatient and wanted to hurry up his drying. So I put him in the microwave. You're not supposed to do that, but I do a lot of things you're not supposed I wonder what he would have looked like if I hadn't got impatient.
This little guy is also salt dough, and I think this one is really neat. I'm not sure why I rejected him. I think it was because I was on this "must look like" kick and not just seeing it for what it was. One thing I did like about using the salt dough was the ability to get such beautiful colors. I can't paint polymer clay and get that kind of watercolor look.
I may have to try some home made clay again soon. Especially the salt dough.

January 25, 2010

Experimenting with Clays

Over the past month or so, I've been using different clays. I've got tons of different kinds here that I hadn't tried to sculpt a whole chibi out of. I've got more to try, but here's three.
I am definitely a better sculptor when it comes to polymer clay. But I think if I work with the cold porcelain recipe I might be able to learn to be pretty good with that too.

The Ultralight Chibi was hard to sculpt. The ultralight doesn't like to blend at all. So it had to be sculpted differently. Couldn't do a lot of adding on unless the seams showing didn't matter, like the ears and the cheeks.

The Cold porcelain came out much better than the first one I tried, and I'm happy with the body. I kind of like the puffiness of it. The head is lopsided and it cracked a little, but I like this little guy. I think he's cute.

That's all for now.

January 23, 2010

Original Chibitude Kiki Valley Chibi OOAK Baby Dragon

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January 20, 2010

OOAK Chibi #879 Chibitude Collectible Handmade Figurine

Here is my current Chibitude Chibi up for auction on FuzzB. No need to register or join fuzzb to purchase. You can add to cart, and pay with paypal. Thanks for taking a look!!

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USD 1.00

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January 10, 2010

Chibi Goals for 2010

  1. movable chibi heads
  2. antennae--unique
  3. chibi wings--unique
  4. bases
  • make a schedule for production
  • insure that it retains ooak integrity
  • work chibis like job--hours per day/days off etc
  • giftlings once a month
  • charity offering once a month
  • tutorial or tip once a month
  • post tut or tip on blogs (fuzzb, blogspot)
  • couple of groups (pop in once a week)
  • chibitude message once a week