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August 26, 2008

My Visit with Max the Lion

A couple of years ago my Mom and I went to Bush Gardens. I've lived in Florida almost 9 years now, but this was the only time I was there.

It's a WONDERFUL place. If you love animals even 1/4 as much as I do, you'll love it here. I would be so happy to go back again and see all the wonderful wild ones. Unfortunately, when I had my hard drive crash a year ago, I lost almost all of the pictures that I took on my visit.

But luckily I made this little video to share with my friend Ingy, and since I'm a pack rat, I never did delete it from her file. :o) Sometimes it's good to be disorganized. Had I put it where it belonged it too would be lost.

August 11, 2008

August Update

Well, it seems like it's been a looooooong time since I posted here on my blog. Personally, life has been pretty calm, but at the same time mentally feeling quite busy.

Seems like every day there's some grand thing I want to get done, but it seems so huge that I end up not being able to even get started.

I am happy to say that I'm sculpting again. YAY!! I've got a new little cutie in the oven right now. I can't wait to finish this one, because I'm really fond of him. I always love the chibis, they're such sweet creatures, but sometimes there are special ones that touch me. The one today is one of those babies.

Don't tell the other chibis, I'd never want them to know.

I've been working on FuzzB stuff. I created the Fuzzb graphic you see at the top of this post for them to use. And me too...LOL Tweaking my profile page, which you can see if you want by clicking here.

And I did quite a few templates for the template zone, but they're not appearing yet. I'll get on that, to see where they disappeared to.

I want to update my website. I do not like how it feels. That's on the back of my mind. Lingering.....he he

Gosh, this whole post is pretty useless, but I wanted to check in, and say "I'm still here". Hopefully I'll be posting a new auction today, and adding that to the blog.