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November 29, 2007

Who is everyone??

I know this is going to sound silly, but I don't know who my friends are. I'm realizing that sometimes I think I'm talking to different people, but yet they are the same people. I get so confused.

I know some people through their ebay ID, and then others through their email address, some through group names (and different names on different groups) and then others through my blog. And sometimes I think I'm talking to Sally (a customer), so I treat her a little different than Sally (chit chat friend) and it turns out they are the same person. I'm sooooooooo confused. I don't know who anyone is! LOLOL Not to mention that some screen names are confusing, like PreciousPenelope (made up) is maybe Betty....LOL

I'm 41, and I think it's too early for Alzheimer's to set in, but if I don't get my head straight soon, can you imagine what it'll be like for me in a few years???
I know about a million Debs, (I've never met a Deb I didn't like btw), I know a couple of Annette' least I THINK I do unless they're all the same There's multiple Janices, and multiple Sheris, Terris, Kims, and there's more.

So here's what I'm going to do....pre-warning....I hope no one gets offended, but I'm going to start asking everyone that I email correspond with to clue me in. :o) And I'm making a cheat sheet until I get my head wrapped around it. And it would be so so so cool if I had pictures of my friends too....but I know that's pushing it. he he

Chibitude level: 8/10 - confused but in good humor about it.

Mom---No Peeking! Chibi Tree update

I'm adding a lot of space to the beginning of this post just in case my Mom comes to visit, so it won't show up without her being able to close it. :o)
Please scroll down.

Well, I finally got the chibi tree earring rack all finished today. And I'm so pleased, I'm sure I must be committing a terrible sin. ;) The tree is made from Aves Epoxie Sculpt, and the little face is polymer clay that I added later.

Below you can see how the leaves come out of the branches. To do these, I had to make the separately, over a wire armature, and then drill holes into the branches and mount them. Aves is a fun and somewhat difficult product to use because it's consistency changes throughout it's work time. When you first mix it up, it's super soft like salt water taffy that you've been fiddling with in warm hands. After about an hour, it's firmer and easier to shape, but it still has a tendency to droop from it's own weight. It is also a very sticky product, and hard to tool unless you wet either the product or the tool. I have to work with wet hands when I use this, and I look like a raisin when I'm finished.

Here's a close up of some of the leaves. Some of them have metal loops that stick out the edges for her to hang her earrings from. Some of the leave have holes where she can hang french hooks or even posts (but I don't think she has any post earrings)

All in all, this has been a really super fun project! And I've learned quite a bit about using the aves in this manner. Which is really cool, cuz I've been afraid of it for so long. Can you imagine that I've had this stuff for almost 6 years????

Well that's it for now.

Chibitude level: 10/10 - Because I learned a new product, tried a new technique, made an item I'd never attempted before, My mom's gonna love this and He's so goofy he's CUTE! YAY

November 28, 2007

Guess what I did today?!?!?

Or maybe I should say "Guess what I DIDN'T do??" I didn't cut my finger off, that's what....LOL Today Mac taught me how to use the jig-saw. YAY! And I made all these bases myself. Just freehand cutting, and it was really fun. Plus I felt all powerful and stuff with that tool in me hand. Look out Bob Villa, here's come Maddy with electric tools!!!

Chibitude level: 10/10

November 25, 2007

(Mom, don't look) Chibi House Update and New Chibi Tree

Here's the progress on my chibi house. I still have to finish the base around the edges as you can see it's raw wood. My hubby's amazing! I made the base part out of card stock, and textured, painted and everythinged it. Then when I was done, I went to him and said, "hey, this is curled, what should I do?" He's like, "trace it on here" and gives me a big sheet of plywood. He pulls out his jig saw and cut it out. I was so amazed, he did it as easily as I cut a piece of cardboard....LOL

Anyhoo, it's pretty neat how this goes together, the house actually sits down inside the base, that way you can pick up the house, and see the area where the 2 rooms are. There's nothing in the rooms, but if you had a sleepy chibi, that'd be a perfect place for him....except for the chibis partying on the rooftops....hmmmm maybe it wouldn't be such a great place to get some rest.

I've also started working on another tree.

I'm learning to use the aves products, and it's kind of exciting. I've had them forever and used them for armatures, but have always been afraid to actually use use them. But I'm being braver lately and trying things I hadn't done before, and I'm so glad. I've found for me the best way to be creative is to change it what I'm sculpting with, the way I'm sculpting something, the way I color it, different materials whatever. Because each new thing I try, I make new little mistakes which we all know, mistakes are really just the starting block for new ideas.

I'm happy today, feeling pretty up, and everything, so....
Chibitude level: 10/10

Here's an updated pic of my newest Chibi Tree. I'm tired and ready for bed, so I will work on him tomorrow. He's to be for my mom's birthday. Mom, if you're reading this, well, you were warned not to peek....LOL She has tons of jewelry that she keeps on her coffee table. And I wanted to make her something cool that she could hang her stuff on. If all goes as planned that's what this little tree will turn out to be. Anyone know where I can get teenie tiny weenie schmeenie dinky wittle eye hooks? I'd like to put them all along the branches so she can hang her earrings on them. I'll look tomorrow and see what I can find.

Still in a good mood and a full 10 in Chibitude.

November 21, 2007

Chibis are partying again!

OMG, now I realize why people love to collect these little ones. They're a laugh riot when you get them all together. What a bunch of nuts!!!!

Chibitude level: 11/10 ;)

Chibi House

This is what I've been working on the past couple of days. A cute little chibi house for a group of chibi friends. I'm just getting ready to start adding details and texturing it. After making the tree, I felt all excited to try something else that was different.

Man, I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to make things that I don't feel as willing to sell at a $.99 starting price. I've been told that it's almost impossible to ask for higher prices when you've been selling this way for so long. I honestly just never thought that I'd go so far with the chibis. I really didn't know how detailed and advanced they'd become. When I first started making them they were out of sculpey III colors, with little black eyes, and not much detail at all. Now I find that I'm mixing clays, making my own colors, adding accessories, bases, painting, texturing, painting eyes, designing and creating wings, applying all kind of mixed techniques for each one, fingernails, toes and Gosh, things have really changed!

Chibitude level: 5/10 (feeling happy about what I'm doing, but worrying that I'm going to lose my supporters)

November 17, 2007

Chibi Tree

This is what I've been playing with this week. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with it, but I'm having fun anyways.

Chibitude level: 7/10 (because I'm a little lost)

Here's an updated photo. I've made the cherry blossoms, and still need to actually attach them.

One more update for today. I've worked on the base, and added the blossoms. As you can see the blossoms have changed color. That's because they're covered with Kato Liquid, and it yellowed in the heat, but I'm quite happy with peach blossoms, so I'm not complaining. I still need to do much work. The base is still stark, needs some greenery and maybe some flowers.

I'm thinking of making tiny ornaments and garland that I can offer with this auction, so that the new owner can decorate the tree for Christmas. I think that would be really nice. to bed now.

Chibitude level: 8/10 (because I know where I'm going now)

Thought I should post the final tree picture. It took me so long to finish because I started feeling inadequate again. My friend Sheri was just the ticket to get me going again and finish this. And now that it is done, I actually feel kind of proud of it.

Chibitude level: 9/10

November 14, 2007

Chibi Party!

I don't often get to play with my chibis because they go to new homes within a week of my making them......but lately, I'm finding it harder to part with them. I'm starting to have my own little chibi collection. I thought I'd take a couple pics of the ones sitting here keeping me company on my desk. The purple one on the little hill is going to a new home at the end of the week as well as the little blue on hiding in the cave, but I thought as long as they're here, they should have time to play with the other little ones.

I think tomorrow, I may just have to take a good hard look and see just how many of these little ones I've kept for myself. Maybe I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

Chibitude level: 10/10

November 6, 2007


I'm pooped!! And it took me all day and it doesn't look THAT much better! But it is somewhat, and now I feel like sculpting, but hubby will be home in 20 minutes so I'm out of time. Guess I'll just chalk this day up under the title of "necessary maintenance" ;o)

Chibitude level: 8:10 (since I can't sculpt)

This is Why I can't Sculpt!!!

I've let myself get toooooo messy. And now I'm feeling all cluttered inside my head as well as on my desk. So today I'm cleaning this mess and getting organized again so that I can sculpt with a clear head. Of course, you see I'm posting on my blog instead of cleaning....hmmmm, me thinks me is procrastinating....LOL

Seriously though, when things get cluttered around me, it makes me lazy. It makes me feel like "what's the use", and that's not good. I bet this applies to others too, that they feel like they can't work because they've got too much stuff in eyesight. And that's all I'll do, put things in containers, so that I'm not staring at it directly, and then I'll feel like it's clean, even if inside the containers it's a mess. ;)

Chibitude level: 5/10 (because of the mess)