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November 29, 2007

Mom---No Peeking! Chibi Tree update

I'm adding a lot of space to the beginning of this post just in case my Mom comes to visit, so it won't show up without her being able to close it. :o)
Please scroll down.

Well, I finally got the chibi tree earring rack all finished today. And I'm so pleased, I'm sure I must be committing a terrible sin. ;) The tree is made from Aves Epoxie Sculpt, and the little face is polymer clay that I added later.

Below you can see how the leaves come out of the branches. To do these, I had to make the separately, over a wire armature, and then drill holes into the branches and mount them. Aves is a fun and somewhat difficult product to use because it's consistency changes throughout it's work time. When you first mix it up, it's super soft like salt water taffy that you've been fiddling with in warm hands. After about an hour, it's firmer and easier to shape, but it still has a tendency to droop from it's own weight. It is also a very sticky product, and hard to tool unless you wet either the product or the tool. I have to work with wet hands when I use this, and I look like a raisin when I'm finished.

Here's a close up of some of the leaves. Some of them have metal loops that stick out the edges for her to hang her earrings from. Some of the leave have holes where she can hang french hooks or even posts (but I don't think she has any post earrings)

All in all, this has been a really super fun project! And I've learned quite a bit about using the aves in this manner. Which is really cool, cuz I've been afraid of it for so long. Can you imagine that I've had this stuff for almost 6 years????

Well that's it for now.

Chibitude level: 10/10 - Because I learned a new product, tried a new technique, made an item I'd never attempted before, My mom's gonna love this and He's so goofy he's CUTE! YAY


  1. Maddy she is going to LOVE IT!!! Who wouldn't?? That is so very the exspression on the face and the way you made the long roots,I have a silver maple that the roots surface and covers a good part of the yard..twisty and curvey..oh and by the'm the Sheri that's crazy,lol..well hum ok you can't forget crazy horsefeathers lol!!

  2. Maddy! I love your Chibi tree and know your mom will too. I'm so glad to find you out here! Miss you.
    peggy scadventurer