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November 25, 2007

(Mom, don't look) Chibi House Update and New Chibi Tree

Here's the progress on my chibi house. I still have to finish the base around the edges as you can see it's raw wood. My hubby's amazing! I made the base part out of card stock, and textured, painted and everythinged it. Then when I was done, I went to him and said, "hey, this is curled, what should I do?" He's like, "trace it on here" and gives me a big sheet of plywood. He pulls out his jig saw and cut it out. I was so amazed, he did it as easily as I cut a piece of cardboard....LOL

Anyhoo, it's pretty neat how this goes together, the house actually sits down inside the base, that way you can pick up the house, and see the area where the 2 rooms are. There's nothing in the rooms, but if you had a sleepy chibi, that'd be a perfect place for him....except for the chibis partying on the rooftops....hmmmm maybe it wouldn't be such a great place to get some rest.

I've also started working on another tree.

I'm learning to use the aves products, and it's kind of exciting. I've had them forever and used them for armatures, but have always been afraid to actually use use them. But I'm being braver lately and trying things I hadn't done before, and I'm so glad. I've found for me the best way to be creative is to change it what I'm sculpting with, the way I'm sculpting something, the way I color it, different materials whatever. Because each new thing I try, I make new little mistakes which we all know, mistakes are really just the starting block for new ideas.

I'm happy today, feeling pretty up, and everything, so....
Chibitude level: 10/10

Here's an updated pic of my newest Chibi Tree. I'm tired and ready for bed, so I will work on him tomorrow. He's to be for my mom's birthday. Mom, if you're reading this, well, you were warned not to peek....LOL She has tons of jewelry that she keeps on her coffee table. And I wanted to make her something cool that she could hang her stuff on. If all goes as planned that's what this little tree will turn out to be. Anyone know where I can get teenie tiny weenie schmeenie dinky wittle eye hooks? I'd like to put them all along the branches so she can hang her earrings on them. I'll look tomorrow and see what I can find.

Still in a good mood and a full 10 in Chibitude.

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