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November 29, 2007

Who is everyone??

I know this is going to sound silly, but I don't know who my friends are. I'm realizing that sometimes I think I'm talking to different people, but yet they are the same people. I get so confused.

I know some people through their ebay ID, and then others through their email address, some through group names (and different names on different groups) and then others through my blog. And sometimes I think I'm talking to Sally (a customer), so I treat her a little different than Sally (chit chat friend) and it turns out they are the same person. I'm sooooooooo confused. I don't know who anyone is! LOLOL Not to mention that some screen names are confusing, like PreciousPenelope (made up) is maybe Betty....LOL

I'm 41, and I think it's too early for Alzheimer's to set in, but if I don't get my head straight soon, can you imagine what it'll be like for me in a few years???
I know about a million Debs, (I've never met a Deb I didn't like btw), I know a couple of Annette' least I THINK I do unless they're all the same There's multiple Janices, and multiple Sheris, Terris, Kims, and there's more.

So here's what I'm going to do....pre-warning....I hope no one gets offended, but I'm going to start asking everyone that I email correspond with to clue me in. :o) And I'm making a cheat sheet until I get my head wrapped around it. And it would be so so so cool if I had pictures of my friends too....but I know that's pushing it. he he

Chibitude level: 8/10 - confused but in good humor about it.


  1. (huge grin)! I am so happy to read this post! I actually have the exact same kind of cheat sheet that you are referring to, lol! It has everyones names, e-mail, e-bay id's, webpages, etc. etc. It has been a tremendous help to me. Good luck with yours! And I love the new Chibi tree!! :o)
    Jeannette Bashore
    JRB Creations
    Jeannette601= E-bay

  2. OMG! See what I mean??? LOLOL Thank you, I had NO idea that it was you that bid on my auctions....he he. And I probably wouldn't have realized even after wards. he he....this is to funny! Thank you so much for the bids too!!!

    I've noted your info ...LOL I might need to get a book. :o)

  3. p.s. Thanks so much about the Chibi Tree! I hope mom likes it. It's going to be her 60th birthday next month.

  4. Hey Maddy! First time I've read your blogs. Love it!
    I'm "one of the many DEBs" you're taking about. :) This is Lil*Peeple Deb.
    I have to say that I, too, have been overwhelmed at times trying to figure out who's who. I now have a small group that I KNOW (you're being one of them) and for the rest I pretend. (sorta)
    Have a wonderful New Years, girlfriend!
    Big ol' hugz!
    aka Debrinka

  5. LOL...Debs you are one of my many Debs...LOL But you're one I THOUGHT I totally knew, but here, now I didn't realize that Debrinka was you also. HEHE it's so funny!! Thanks so much for stopping by. I get a little chitty chatty and just wanna run my mouth from time to time without forcing anyone to listen to me he he.
    big huggeronis!