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November 6, 2007

This is Why I can't Sculpt!!!

I've let myself get toooooo messy. And now I'm feeling all cluttered inside my head as well as on my desk. So today I'm cleaning this mess and getting organized again so that I can sculpt with a clear head. Of course, you see I'm posting on my blog instead of cleaning....hmmmm, me thinks me is procrastinating....LOL

Seriously though, when things get cluttered around me, it makes me lazy. It makes me feel like "what's the use", and that's not good. I bet this applies to others too, that they feel like they can't work because they've got too much stuff in eyesight. And that's all I'll do, put things in containers, so that I'm not staring at it directly, and then I'll feel like it's clean, even if inside the containers it's a mess. ;)

Chibitude level: 5/10 (because of the mess)


  1. That's a mess?!?! You should see mine! LOL Must be a clayers thing? Hmmmmmm I wonder.....

  2. know the saying "he can't see the forest through the trees?", well I'm the reverse, I can't see the trees through the forest. When I get so jumbled up with color and textures, I can't even concentrate!!! lol....I think if I was a child they'd put me in a special learning class.... ;O)