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November 21, 2007

Chibi House

This is what I've been working on the past couple of days. A cute little chibi house for a group of chibi friends. I'm just getting ready to start adding details and texturing it. After making the tree, I felt all excited to try something else that was different.

Man, I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to make things that I don't feel as willing to sell at a $.99 starting price. I've been told that it's almost impossible to ask for higher prices when you've been selling this way for so long. I honestly just never thought that I'd go so far with the chibis. I really didn't know how detailed and advanced they'd become. When I first started making them they were out of sculpey III colors, with little black eyes, and not much detail at all. Now I find that I'm mixing clays, making my own colors, adding accessories, bases, painting, texturing, painting eyes, designing and creating wings, applying all kind of mixed techniques for each one, fingernails, toes and Gosh, things have really changed!

Chibitude level: 5/10 (feeling happy about what I'm doing, but worrying that I'm going to lose my supporters)


  1. Don't worry, I think your collectors will follow you no matter where the chibis go. I think you are doing a wonderful job! I can't wait to see how this new project turns out! I think your little blue chibi on top of your new house is my favorite ever! :o) Keep up the good work! I'm here everyday checking your site and I'm sure that I'm not the only one! ;o)

  2. Thank you girl!!!! I hope you're right. :o)

    I'm really having fun. The chibis house is making me feel so happy. I'm really enjoying where all this is taking me. I'll have updated pictures later on today.

  3. Maddy, I've been watching your work for a while now. I wouldn't expect to think I could even get at chibi for under $50. People can look at your prices and figure what they'll likely end up paying. Your figures are so darn cute and popular--plus, YOU are so fun and encouraging--it's more about a connection (with YOU) than a low price--that's why you get so many bids. That's my take anyway. Your work is worth way more than you start them at. That's a given. I'm sure raising the bid will be fine.

  4. Aprylian, thank you for that. I think that's the neatest thing I've heard. I feel all fuzzy cuz I can't get over that someone would want a connection like that. But you know, I really do try to make everything as personal as I can, and I do look as my collectors as part of the Chibi family. It's like when someone adopts a chibi, I've kind of adopted them into the story if that makes any sense. ;)

    Well, we'll just have to wait and see, about the bid thing. I think maybe I should continue to do the chibis at $.99 but when they're multiples or in addition to another piece I may have to rethink. Like this chibi house. OMG I love it so much, I don't even know if I can part with it...LOL

    Thanks again Sweetie!!! You're wonderful for boosting my confidence like that.

  5. hey maddy...i just feel moved to say something here...when i first became aware of ebay and the fairy thing i would see your work from time to time and would glance at it and think, sorry i don't 'do cute'. but as time has gone on i have come to look forward to seeing your next one. the more i saw of them the more i liked them (and you). you have a wonderful talent. the colors you choose and the different types of clay along with their facial expressions and posing all combine into something quite unique. you have made a believer out of me! and i'm old and crusty! and then coming on your blog here and reading all the precious things you have have melted my heart to say the least.
    i think that by increasing your bottom line will only increase others respect for you. ALL ARTISTS increase their prices as their talent and exposure grow. so why should you be any different? you have a following now, and they will come right along behind you i'm sure. it will just say to them that your time and effort are worth a little more now that's all. and i seriously doubt that they will even notice it to be frank, because they are used to the price being up there by now anyway. so continue to have the heart of an artist but the guts of an entreprenuer!!! we are all behind you baby! candace

  6. What a mush I am....Candace, your comments make me feel so touched inside that I just had to explain to my husband what all the sniffles were about. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me, and encourage me to have courage and confidence.

    I really like what you said "so continue to have the heart of an artist but the guts of an entreprenuer!!!" so much that I'm going to put that right here on my work desk to remind me everyday.

    Thank you to all of you, I never imagined when I started a blog that I'd be so blessed with such wonderful kind and caring people helping me through difficult decisions and insecurities.

    You are the best!!!! xoxooxoxo