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January 28, 2010

Experimenting with Clays pt 2

Well, I've found another cold porcelain recipe, and have been testing this one. I'm really not sure. Sculpting with it was good as far as firmness went, but blending was difficult because the recipe writer said "do not use water".

I HAD to use water, but it seems like things worked ok.
Here are some pictures of what I sculpted.

I used food coloring to color the CP. My hands are still stained blue in places...LOL

How look at the difference once the clay dried.

The head is in a different position, because as it dried, the front legs shortened, which made the head lean too far towards the ground. The back legs also shrunk which caused it to lean even more.

In the 2nd picture, I have taken the legs off and repositioned them using more cold porcelain as well as tacky glue and some wire.

in the third picture, I've added eyelids, and reinforces the areas around the legs. I'm not sure if you can see it, but the ears kind of puffed up as they dried. The place where the eyes are also puffed, so the side profile is no longer the same. These are things I'll have to learn in order to work with this medium.

Whatcha think? Do you like the CP?

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