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February 5, 2010

Help Finish a Chibi

Today, I am trying to finish this cute little chibi. But I'm stuck. I'm very happy the way things are so far, but this little chibi is asking me for something special and for some reason I can't seem to understand what he wants.

I'm wondering, can you tell what he's asking for?
Can you help me to translate what those eyes are saying?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments if you have any.
Poor little one.


  1. He wants a sign that says Be Mine...for Valentine's Day...or a balloon.....something colorful.

    :) Lisa

  2. He's getting sunburned and wants a little hat of some kind. Smiles

  3. Hi Maddy, I think She needs a chibi teddy bear or quilted blankie.

  4. aww poor little one! he looks like he is longing for a friend to talk to....maybe a little birdy or a buttefly....something gentle to open his feeling up to.
    someone he can always count on.......
    HE IS ADORABLE! can't wait to see how you finish him up:)

  5. He's looking all shy, so maybe holding a flower like he's too shy to give it to the chibi he's got a crush on.

  6. What excellent things you've all heard. Thanks so much. Sometimes My translator just stops working. Tomorrow morning chibi and I are gonna have a chit chat, because I don't think I can give him everything that he told you that he wanted. There'll have to be a little bit of a compromise. :)


  7. I love what you did with the lil cute!!! I even bid on this one!!! Can you believe it!!!?
    I always want to, but this time I just can't pass up at least bidding!

    Lisa :)

  8. You did?? YAY!!! Thank you so much! wow, I can't believe it he he. You're so sweet to help like you did. I love the balloon, did you like that too? I was surprised that I did it. I wasn't sure how I'd accomplish that task...LOL

    Thank you so much!!