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January 26, 2010

Air Dry Clays

Here you'll find pictures of my attempts at working with home made clays. I so have been wanting to make my own, but find that I have trouble with the mixtures. Granted, now that it's been quite some time since I've done these, I see them in a different light, and actually think that the blue salt-dough chibi is quite adorable.
This was my cold porcelain failure. See how his little left leg deflated? And his ears puffed out, yet shriveled where they were attached to his head. Below is a picture from the back where you can see that his neck also shriveled.
This next picture is another cold porcelain attempt, and this one came out better. I used a different mixture. This chibi is actually quite acceptable too. Boy I was being hard on myself at the time.
This guy is a salt dough chibi. He's adorable, but a total mess. It's my fault! I was impatient and wanted to hurry up his drying. So I put him in the microwave. You're not supposed to do that, but I do a lot of things you're not supposed I wonder what he would have looked like if I hadn't got impatient.
This little guy is also salt dough, and I think this one is really neat. I'm not sure why I rejected him. I think it was because I was on this "must look like" kick and not just seeing it for what it was. One thing I did like about using the salt dough was the ability to get such beautiful colors. I can't paint polymer clay and get that kind of watercolor look.
I may have to try some home made clay again soon. Especially the salt dough.


  1. nice salt dough project! :D
    hope to see more of this salt dough things.. =)

    1. Thank you so much Julia! :o) I would like to try some more salt dough this summer. Thanks for stopping by!! xoox