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August 4, 2011

WIP Kawai Shimai Tinkerbell 1

Moving along pretty well with this little one. Even though I'm a bit slower than usual because of life stuff, when I do get to sit down and get busy, things are progressing nicely.
Today I got her little green underpanties made and her shoes are painted.

Her fabric is in the oven. I made green fabric and put little shimmers of gold on it. Then I covered it with TLS so that it will be able to handle the style of her little dress. When the fabric is finished it will be more like a plastic than an actual fabric.

Her dress is off to a good start. It's on and designed and her belt and shoulder straps are finished. Now I want to add some glitter to it, and also to work on her shoes.
Her little shoes are sealed and she's got some pretty white pom poms on them. I've added glitter to her dress and to her pom poms. The glue is drying. Not much farther to go! I wonder what kind of base Tink will have.

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