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August 31, 2011

All Free Crochet Yarn Giveaway!

I'm a big fan of the website I love to crochet and I love to see what others make, and their patterns, ideas, videos. Some nights, I just grab a youtube playlist of crochet and sit at my computer and crochet along...LOL

Tonight while reading my All Free Crochet newsletter, I found that they're have a giveaway of two scenes of this beautiful black razzle yarn! Well, I like to wing thing!! So that's what I'm doing, is entering the contest. I've never used a yarn like this, and honestly would feel guilty buying it without knowing what I'll do with it. But if I can WIN it, I can't go wrong!!!

So come on over an enter yourself and see if you can win the yarn. Heck, you don't crochet you say? That's ok, if you win you can just donate it to me. mwahhhhahhhhaaaa haa. ;) Just kidding my buddies.

From the website:

Razzle Whimsical Yarn Giveaway

Black Razzle Yarn
Gifted By

Reviewed by Christine Weiher Editor for

The first time I laid eyes on this yarn my eyes sparkled with joy. The black Razzle yarn from the Good Girl Bad Girl Collection is full of shimmery sparkle and gems; it reminded me of New Year's Eve. The rhinestones are hand tied throughout yarn. If you get yourself a couple skeins of this fun yarn you can make a fabulous outfit specifically for New Year's eve and wow everyone. Or you can crochet a scarf to wear during the winter. It's made of 80% polyamide and 20% crystal stone. It is recommended that you handwash this yarn.Add a little sparkle in your life by crocheting some free patterns with this yarn.

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