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April 7, 2008


Because of losing my Terabyte, I've been recovering photos from everywhere I can. In the recovery process, I've had the opportunity to see some old stuff I hadn't seen in a long time.

I thought I'd share some of the things that I found. This reminded me of how difficult it was for me to switch from the 'FAIRY FAIRY FAIRY' desires of collectors. It's hard to break out of a box, especially when I'm the one who put myself into it.

For me it was hard to justify my desire to sculpt if I couldn't prove (sales) that other people wanted my work. That's why I for so long sculpting things that I did not enjoy.

I tried to put a little bit in the headline to show the struggle it's been to be able to sculpt only Chibis and find a following. The first chibis is shown as being created in 2003, but actually I've made these little guys in various forms before there was a thing such as digital media. Unfortunately, non of these previous works still exist, nor do photos.

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