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June 29, 2011

Handmade Sweet Amigurumi Cuddle Flower

chibitudeHandmade Sweet Amigurumi Cuddle Flower

$40.00 USD
Only 1 available

Want different colors? +$5 and a week to make it is all I ask :o)

These little amigurumi dolls are custom made by me just for you! Why? As Sarah says, "Because they're cool and awesome!" and as Christi says "I love them because they are kinda like having a little friend with you all the time that you can just give a little squeeze so that you don't feel so all alone"

They are hand crocheted out of my own original patterns and designs. I am willing to take custom orders as well, so if you like the doll but would like different colors, please contact me with your request. (please allow 1 week extra for me to make the custom dollies)

Add them to your NEW CHIBITUDE AMIGURUMI collection (he he), or pin them on your shirt or hat, maybe put them on a little key chain or spritz them with your favorite perfume and carry them on your purse.

They are washable and filled with polyfill. (Cold water, air dry)

Made with love from me to you!

xo Maddy 

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