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June 20, 2011

Today I made Marshmallow Heads

She thought we were having marshmallows, and then
she realized it was just Sculpey Ultralight.
Hah! Did that get your attention?? LOL They look like marshmallows don't they? They felt like it too before I baked them.

What that is is a pack of Sculpey Ultralight, cut up into 16 pieces, and molded into the shape of little Kawaii Shimai skulls to use as armatures under my little dolls.

In the past, I've used a wooden bead with aluminum foil wrapped around it. I didn't like this because I didn't like trying to mold the foil into the right shape. Plus it was hard on my hands making sure I got it pressed in tight.

I've also used a larger wooden bead with a little foil, and then covered in my favorite 2 part epoxie. Although this is a really good way to do it, the heads are quite heavy and make it harder to pose the dolls. Plus, the 2 part epoxy is messy to work with. It's ok if I'm doing something that's made primarily out of it, but when I'm just having to get into that mess every time I want to make a doll, well it's annoying.

Don't know if you've ever noticed my hands but they are dry and my nails are rough. It's all the hand washing I do, from after the foil, after the epoxy, after I pet my dog, after I wipe the table, during the dishes...etc etc. I do indeed think I wash them too much, but I can't stand to have dirty hands. Paint on them? That's fine. But not dirty.

Anyhoo, When I start my next kawaii shimai, I'll take some pictures showing how I use these little skulls.

xoxo Maddy


  1. I don't dig on the dirty hands either and I so know what you mean as I end up washing a lot. I used to use a little ball of foil, cover that with the plain white sculpey, bake and then put good clay over that and make my dragon busts. I didn't make many because they took a long time and my attention span is sad.

  2. Dear Shelah's attention span, ;) Don't be sad, we love you because you're so short it makes you more creative.

    There's got to be something a person can use who washes their hands all the time that'll protect them from such damage. I hate the appearance of my hands, especially since I've gotten older, and fartier. ;)