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May 31, 2011


Cutest of the cuteImage by Eyesplash via Flickr    I'm just ready to go to sleep for the night and I thought I'd drop a quick blog post before I do. Tomorrow I'll be starting on another doll. And you know, I can't even express how happy making these chibis makes me. The need to be creative is so strong in me, and when I'm not creating I feel quite useless. Even if I'm doing plenty to keep me busy, there is still a part of me that must do something new. Create something that didn't exist before me.
    I feel so very lucky that this time in our history has provided me with the means and an avenue to pursuit my artistic tendencies. I'm so grateful for places like Etsy, eBay, FuzzB and others. Without them, I would have had to stop years ago. Because I am able to offer my items for sale, it allows me to pay for the supplies and time that it takes to make them. That's HUGE! That's like loving to eat ice cream, and with every bowl you eat, the action of eating it provides you with another one.
    I also am so grateful to the wonderful women who have supported me along in my sculpting career. Not only have they encouraged me to continue, they have been my muse in so many instances when I felt like I had lost the proverbial "it". I have made more friends since I've undergone this adventure than I had in my entire previous life. Now that's really saying something. And these are real and true wonderful friends, who I would have any of them over to my house for dinner.
    It's easy to feed the part of you that gets down and ungrateful. But even with all my overeating, that part of me has been getting smaller and smaller. I have been blessed with such a wonderful life. The only regrets I have are the people I have hurt. Nothing else.
    And on that note I wish to say, "Good night" and "Thanks for reading".

xoxoxo Maddy
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