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May 8, 2011

Lookie what I just discovered

25mm Classic Top Bow Ankle Strap

If you visit the link above and scroll down to the 25mm Classic Top Bow Ankle Strap section....there's one of my dolls there. From a loooooooooooong time ago. It's the little fairy with the golden hair standing with her hands on her hips. I wasn't looking for her at all, just shopping and browsing and imagine my surprise when I saw her :o) If you click on the picture you can see a larger image. :D


  1. LOL, how cool is that!?! I think I remember her!!! I love that you found her. I have found a a couple or so of mine too by accident over the years.. it's exciting .. I love finding them!! xoxox

  2. :o) Hey Debbie!! Thanks for understanding my excitement factor...LOL It really is. I even said out-loud and hubby looks at me like something REALLY exciting happened...LOL xoxoox

  3. Maddy, That is so neat! How long ago did you make her?

  4. I'd say about 5-6 years ago. She was one of the last dolls that I made before I took my "break" in sculpting that lasted a year. That's why I was so surprised....LOL