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May 18, 2011

Chibitude Update

It's been almost a month since a chibi's been born. But not to fear.....They are still alive and well and making lots of fun around the house being excited for summer to come. While I had a little break from my custom orders this little purple dude asked to be adopted. So here he is. I hope you like him!!! xoxo Maddy
Kawaii Chibi Creature                                         Chibitude Figurine Polymer Clay                                         Hand Made Dragon
Kawaii Chibi Creature...
espiritmaddy $45.00
This adorable item I'm offering for sale is called a chibi. A Chibitude Chibi to be exact. It is a representation of a lovely little fantasy race that lives in a place called Kiki Valley.

Each collectible is sculpted out of clay by hand and by me (the creator) using the highest quality polymer clays. The colors are custom mixed and various techniques are used which are unique to my items.

Chibitude Chibis may be cleaned by lightly dusting, or wiping with a moist cloth.

Chibitude Chibis are strong, but you don't want to throw them around willy-nilly... read more

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