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May 1, 2011

My Garden Progress 3

6 days and still going :o) I need advice from my Mother the master gardener. These are being grown for my new Topsy-Turvy. I'm new to growing and to Topsy-Turvys, so I'm afraid that my plants might not be ok. They look a little......unfresh. I don't know the right word.


  1. Why does it look like the seeds are at the top of the plants instead of the bottoms under the soil?? Something is weird I swear.

  2. Those look like perfectly normal tomato seedlings. What you need to do though is to murder some of them, pick the tallest strongest seedling to grow and cut off all the rest (use scissors and cut them close to the soil don't pull them out you might damage the seedling you want to keep). You should end up with only 1 tomato plant per starter block. As they grow bigger and stronger the stalks will straighten out however they will bend towards sunlight so you should rotate the planter every evening to they don't get trained to bend one way.

    About the seed, that's also normal for tomatoes. The roots pop out first and then the stalk pushes the seed casing up and out, sometimes the remnant of the seed can cling until the leaves finally unfurl and push it off.

  3. Thank you Noadi! :o) My mom is in Ohio, and I'm here in Florida, so I don't have the blessing of having her here with this.
    I will tomorrow work on thinning them. I have 2 topsys and only need to keep two plants.
    I thought that looked like the seen on the top! I'm so glad you explained that...LOL I thought that my luck was so backwards that it was growing in j/k