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May 2, 2011

My Garden Progress 4

Crap! I think I am going down hill. All the ones with either no plant or a dead plant are my little Roma tomatoes. They're not working. The big plants are the regular tomatoes and even though they don't look as healthy as they did, I think they may survive if I act fast and do the right thing. (what is the right thing? I do not know, but will try to figure it out). The skinny ones are my onions, and they were looking good but now they look like they're on their way out too.
My mother warned me to be sure to acclimate these plants to the outdoors (because I'm in Florida) and not just throw them outside because it'll fry them. Well, I fried them. Because I'm so used to Florida, I thought it was a cool day, but for little plants who are just being born, I don't think that 80 degrees in the shade is cool.

I'm going to bring all of these back inside tonight and see if there isn't some way that they'll come back to life. Mom sent me some plant stuff too. I will read about it and see what I can do tomorrow. Bonide #543 8OZ Ready-to-Use Tom/Blossom Set


  1. They don't look too bad.....put some more roma
    seeds in the empties and try again. I think these need to be a bit bigger before they face the outdoors.

  2. Looks like your capachta (or whatever) is handicap accessible. That's very thoughtful ;o)

  3. Thank you! I'll do that right now and bring them in.

    I'm glad you could use the captcha ok. Some of them are very hard to use. I like the ones where you can listen as well as read.

  4. Okies, I pulled out the not working seeds in those five disks and put in new roma's. Where everything started falling apart, was when Mac was home from work, and opening the blind to get sun to the plants put an awful glare on the TV. So I tried to compensate by putting them outside. Now I realize that doesn't work, I have another plan. :D

  5. It may actually have been too hot for them, in that they dried out more than the seedlings are used to.

  6. I think you're right Noadi :o) I've cleared a space in the front of the house (inside) where I'll put them in the morning to get some sun. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.