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January 30, 2008

Newly found determination

I feel so much better now! It's a hard lesson when you learn that chibitude is no guarantee of happy dealings. But it's good to know. I have since found out through the dollmaking world that the person whom I was dealing with has a history with others of similar experiences.

The reason this makes me feel a million times better, is that now I realize that all the benefit of the doubt that I gave, and the doubts that I still felt after everything started settling, were unneeded.

And I've had a talk with the other person, (the important one) and we're ok, which means SOOOOOOO much more to me. I hate to have hurt anyone in any way. And it was eating at my insides.

There's no denying that I still wish the problems with the original incident had worked out and ended on an up level. I don't like the idea that someone associates Maddy, or chibis with anything negative. But as you've told me, you can't please everyone.

Everything is behind me now, granted I got a little hate mail today, but I can take it. I understand that when someone is hurt, they often need to lash out to feel better. I'm ok with that. I hope that this is the end of all of this, but if not, I've got quite a few more vertebrae in my backbone that are still holding strong.

I'll just keep on keeping on, and not let this change the way I look at people. And even the person whom is upset with me, they still have my compassion.


  1. very well said sweetie!!!!
    and out of something so negative make something POSITIVE!
    yes people do say some pretty nasty things when they are upset but hopefully in time she will realize WHERE you are comming from!
    and maybe chill out! LOL
    loveya girly!!!
    and Hang in there!

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better!! I'm also glad that the whole situation seems to be simmering down hopefully!
    I hope you have a wonderful day :o)

  3. Thanks Jen and Jeannette :o) I'm sorry that it happened, but I am glad at the same time. I mean if life was perfect all the time, I'd become spoiled....LOL Can't have that!