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January 7, 2008

Snoogie House Completed :o)

I've finished my 2nd Snoogie house! I really like it. :o) It took a long time to do because of all the different rooms, but it was fun. I need to finish the base on my first Chibi house, because after I do so, I'm going to offer it to my collectors for bidding. I don't know if anyone is interested in these or not, but I sure have fun playing with my chibis on them.

Chibitude level: 10/10 (so happy to be done, and now can play with it)


  1. Wow, that is so Amazing! You are just so creative! I'm sure there will be tons of people interested, including me :o)

  2. Hey! I missed this comment! Thank you Jeannette!!!! I like making the dwellings almost as much as the chibis. It gives me a chance to use different materials and techniques.

    Thanks for the encouragement!! I try my hardest to always be independent and follow my own whims, but I'd be a fool if I didn't care at all what other people liked. It makes me have confidence that I'm moving in the right direction when I get validation. xooxox