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January 1, 2008

Mental Vacation

It's just been over 1 year that since I've made my return to ebay. And I think I'm needing a little vacation for myself. Not a physical one though....just a nice mental vacation maybe to Kiki Valley for a month or so and hang out with all the chibis that haven't visited this world yet.

Maybe just sit around and talk about rocks, or weave little hats out of blades of grass, or even listen to stories of the wise old dragonflies. Maybe I could go and play in the puddles with the boggybittens, or go and guard the parameter of espirit' glen with the leekats. Just something simple and fun, to get my mind off of all this world's day to day little responsibilities.

I think I shall make that a plan for this week, to take a vacation. When I get back, hopefully I have stories to tell!

Chibitude level: 9/10

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