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January 18, 2008


It's been over a week since I've posted. Things have been busy over here. And the business kind of blocked my chibitude. But..... it seems that things are starting to settle down. I hope I hope.

In my off-time I'd been sketching, so at least I'd have the ideas ready when I could sculpt.

Today is the first day in a couple of weeks where I didn't have any pending household things to take care of, so I pushed myself into high gear and did some sculpting today.

I've got 5 new Snoogies that are just about ready to be listed. Just one hasn't has her little eyes painted. My back is kind of sore from sitting here for 6 hours (he he) so I'm going to take a little break and watch some Lifetime!! Whoo hoo....brain numbing, crying, and "my life's not so bad" TV.

I'm hoping to have the Snoogie #16's eyes painted this evening, and get them all listed. There are a couple in this batch that I just love so much I hate to see them leave home. But like a good mom, I'm going to let them go to live their own lives. (I just hope they remember me on Mother's day) :o)

Chibitude level: 7/10

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