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October 31, 2007

Kato Clay Crack Update

I am posting a follow up to my Beheading a Chibi post as well as my Kato Clay Crack Test post.
This is the head that I wacked off. If this concerns you chibi lovers, please watch the video to see that no harm has come to the chibi. As you can see, this head had quite a few cracks and moonies as well. This head was a mix of 5 parts Kato Translucent and 1 part Fimo Quick mix. It was baked for 15 minutes at 300 degrees.

This is the new head that I made. As you can see, there are no moonies nor are there any cracks. The mix was exactly the same (5 parts Kato Translucent and 1 part Fimo Quick Mix) and the baking time was the same (15 minutes at 300 degrees). The difference between the two is that this one was baked over an epoxy ball, with the clay not being thicker than 1 quarter of an inch in any areas.

When I had started working on this chibi, and then beheaded it yesterday, I was noticing that none of the imperfections ever appeared in on the body. It was always on the head. And in comparing the way the two were sculpted, the only difference was that the head was thicker. Much Thicker.

The epoxy that I used was plain old everyday 2 part blue and white plumbers epoxy. I couldn't find the kind I use online, but I just go across the street to Ace Hardware and buy their brand. I also like the Aves Fix-it if I have the patience to wait, as it has a slower curing time and isn't as sticky. I'm pretty impatient though. Don't like to wait. Gimme fast glue, fast epoxy, fast clay, fast paint, fast glaze and I'm a happy sculptor. ;)

Oh, and I've also in the past tried to use foil to bulk out the centers of my stuff, but I find that if I make a tiny ooboo and don't get all the air quinked out that it can cause the clay to crack. So I'm a no foil kind of gal.

Chibitude level: 8/10 (could have been a 10/10, but I have a headache and am feeling sleepy)

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