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October 26, 2007

Glaze and superglue tips

What to glazes and superglue have in common?

They both tend to dry out easily and the caps get stuck.

It's most important that after each use you wipe off the rims of your glaze jars, and the applicator tips of your superglue. This will extend the use of your products by double.

Also, do not leave items sitting open. Not even for a tiny bit. I save old bottlecaps, and use them to cover open bottles and jars. Most glazes won't dry out from sitting open for a couple of minutes, but each time they're open, they dry up just a little bit. If you notice your glazes getting thicker over time, this may very well be the culprit.

Sculpey glazes can have a little water added if they get too thick. I do this often.

For special mixes of your own, I recommend these little paint pots to store them. They're not easy to find, and if I come up with good source, I'll share it here. If you find some of your own, make sure they are the solid plastic. The ones that are floppy, don't hold up well. These ones I bought from Karen at but I purchased the rest that she had. I'm sorry, not trying to be greedy, she just only had 3 strips left.

I've tried lots of other little containers for my special mixes, but they've each had their own problems. For some time I used contact lens cases, but they weren't air tight and my mixes tended to dry out. Then I purchased glass bottles from Micro-Mark, but those had paper liners which would get stuck to the lids and eventually cause problems.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

11/02/07 Update: I was contacted by a fellow artist (very talented, please check out her work via the link below) who says that she's been using little pots like these for some time, and that she too has had wonderful success with them. She gets hers at Hobby Lobby, and she also mentioned that round garage sale stickers make super labels for these little pots.

Thank you Jeanette!!! (JRB Creations - ebay id Jeanette601 )

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  2. How did I miss this comment!!! Thank you Spyder! You're right, 5/10 isn't a very good day for me....LOL xoxoxo