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October 14, 2007

Cloth Covered Floral Wire (CCFW)

Well, actually I think it's more like thread covered floral wire. The reason I thought I'd add a post today, is because I was working on a special project, and started thinking how versatile my wire is.

I always get the CCFW in white. And I have a few thicknesses, 24 ga. 26 ga. and 20 ga. The reason for always buying white, is that because it is covered with thread it is so easy to change the color. Why have a million colors taking up space, when I only need one.

Another reason I love the CCFW is because if I need some plain wire, all I need to do is roll the threads off part of the end and cut what I need.

The CCFW also holds glue, TLS, and other liquids much better than raw wire. I use it for my wing armatures, as well as the armatures for my sculptures.

I've used CCFW to make this crown, painted with acrylic paints and micro beads added. That wouldn't have been as easy with raw wire, because it's smooth the paint tends to chip off as well as the wire doesn't have the tooth to really grab the glue.

Here's another CCFW painted purple, and then wrapped in black and silver thread. I really like the versatility.
That's all for now, my project pieces have dried and it's time to get back to work. :o)

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