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October 30, 2007

Coool Toool!

Sometimes I just get all tickled with me-self when I come up with a silly little idea that works so well...LOL

Well, today's one of those days. Here's a picture of my new Coool Toool.

The reason why it's cool to me, is that I do a lot of bases for my stuff, and like to roughen up the texture for either grass, stone or rock. So I took one of those cheap brushes that have tan know, the REALLY cheap brushes that the bristles fall out of, and feel like they're made of corn husk or something....LOL. I cut it pretty short and then fliggered out the bristles, then dipped it into my Kato liquid clay, and then dipped it into my sand and baked. And now I've got a nice little texture brush to use on my next base. YAY!!

Chibitude level: 8/10

1 comment:

  1. Really good idea! I just found your site and while I've been using clay for a few years, I rarely use tools except my exacto knife and maybe a needle or pin. :)