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October 10, 2007

Just General Catching Up.

Well, it's been a little bit since I've updated my blog. I've been working on things, little experiments here and there as well as made some changes to my website.

I've ordered a few new supplies that I wanted to share that I really like.

I ordered Donna Kato's squeeze bottle with precision tips, and I am very fond of how it works. I like the fact that I can load it up with my liquid clay, and it has a nice tip and cap, so when I need to use it it's very convenient. I do plan on buying a few more of these for my special mixes.
I like to order most of my supplies through Karen at Clay Alley. She's a very nice and honest person and will do whatever she needs to to make her customers satisfied.

You can see the squeeze bottle that I bought here. It's almost half way down on the page.

I also purchased more more more of the sculpey ultra light. Man I really use the heck out of this stuff. It's just so nice to have a clay that has a consistency that is completely different than the other clays. I got mine here.

I made a base out of the sculpey ultra light with a little tree stump on it. After it was completed, I decided that I wanted to do it differently. So I thought, I'd just pop the tree stump off, and start again. But it didn't work that way. The sculpey ultra light is very flexible, and almost stretchy. As I tried to pull, the clay gave but didn't separate. I had to pull out my craft knife and literally saw the piece off the base.

I do a lot of deconstruction of my sculptures, and I'm glad, because I've learned a lot about what materials work for which things, and their different strengths and properties after baking.

I also purchased these animal print Roylco Rubbing texture plates. They are not as expected. The prints are much larger than I had anticipated, and the plates are larger than the opening in my pasta machine. I do not consider this a wasted purchase though because I will find many uses for them, I'm sure. But for what I had planned they will not work.

I also bought some tiny little paint pots but I will not bother with the link, because I guess I bought up the last of them. But I do like them. They are the kind that you get with a paint by numbers set. I've tried all kinds of little jars and containers to hold my glazes and liquid clay mixes, but each have had their own little problems. So far these pots seems to be doing quite well. I put some Halo Glaz in them, and it has not dried out. I guess time will tell if these are going to be in my arsenal for the long haul or not.

I've also added a few more product instructions to my website. I like to scan the packaging when I buy something new so that I can throw it away. I am swallowed by paper as it is...LOL

That's all of the updates for now. I have also purchase a couple other products which I will share my opinions and where to get them in a future post.


  1. Don't you love the texture plates??? I do and I use them on all kinds of stuff.
    The Ultra light is my new best friend as I use it inside beads I make and pins and it makes them so nice and light.

    HUGS to you

  2. My texture plates didn't work out the way I hoped. :o( I too love the Ultra Light so much! I've got tons of bars of it. Walmart carries it now in their craft section, so each time I go I grab a bar.....I don't want them to stop carrying it....LOL Hugs back atcha girl! xox