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September 28, 2007

Kato Clay Crack Tests

::note:: please see the update for the final results of my testing.

Today I'm starting some tests on Kato clay. It has a tendency to get little cracks, which close when cooled. I look at them as Kato's version of moonies, because I've yet to see a true moonie in Kato.

I will keep updating this same post so that all the results are on the same page.

Test #1:
All spheres are approximately 3/4" in size.
All spheres were baked by putting into a cold oven set at 300 degrees F
All spheres were baked for 20 minutes and removed immediately from the oven.
All spheres were cooled under cool water directly after removing from the hot oven.

Sample 1 results:

Sample 2 results:

Sample 3 results:

Sample 4 results:

Test #2:
see images for details
Sample 5 results

Sample 6 Results:

NOTE TO SELF: I have noticed that clay that is more thoroughly conditioned does not seem to get the large open gaping cracks in it. The smaller cracks are not actually open when the item is removed from the oven like the larger cracks were. The conditioning at a lower (thinner) setting of the pasta machine also appears to do a more complete job. I'm of the conclusion thus far that these cracks may appear in translucent as a plaque like the moonies are to other clays.

My next series of tests, I'm going to attempt to duplicate these tests, but baking at 275 for 30 minutes for each piece (that's 10 minutes preheat time and 20 baking time). If the results again turn out the same, I will begin experimenting with mixing small amounts of color into the clay.

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