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September 21, 2007

Jumbo Chibis

For the past few days I've been working on some jumbo chibis. I'd been thinking in the back of my melon about trying larger chibis, but didn't and still don't know if people will like them. But I did two of them so far, and am kind of enjoying them. They are very big. They feel like what a real dragon baby would feel like if you found one that just was born and you picked it up.

This one is mine for the keeping. He was my first, and I love him so much that I could never part with him. I haven't named him yet.....I'm waiting to see how he acts before I do.

This is my second Jumbo. I've yet to name him either. I haven't listed any Jumbos yet. I'm still working out some things in my head, like about how much clay this uses. I could have made at lease 6 chibis out of the clay that I used to make this guy.

I'm considering how I'll pack them, how much to ask for shipping, and what to start them out at. I just really don't know if my collectors will like these jumbos. My hub says that he thinks they'll do better than the little ones. To be honest, I enjoy sculpting smaller better than large, but at the same time, I just adore holding these Jumbos in my hands. It feels like they're real to me. You can cuddle them!!!


  1. HI Sweetie!
    Well I think they will do really really well! And they are sooooo darn cute!!!!
    I would at least try it! You never know:) hehehehehe
    and its not like you have to make them all the time right:)
    They will do wonderful though i am sure!

  2. Oh Maddy......He is JUMBO cute!!! I think they would do awesome:)

    Good Luck my chibi friend:)


  3. Maddy, I gotta have one! I'm have warm fuzzy fits. :-)

  4. Hi Maddy

    The News Chibies are Beautiful, Cute Cute!

    Big Hugs

    Karina ^_^

  5. Thanks so much for leaving your comments!! I was so excited to see that you had!! I'm going to if I can (meaning have the free time) work on one for ebay this weekend. You rock! Thanks for encouraging me and supporting me in my time of brain farts. ;)

  6. I love the Jumbos,I personally think it's a win win situation,you should just fly with it,I know I want one!!! The expressions on the 2 you have done,they are so cute and these you can actually squeeze jus a long as your having fun and like you said the clay price comparison,well you gotta get your feet wet first before you know whether it's cold or not...Your a Genius...HUGS/Sheri

  7. Maddy, I love the Jumbos. Please please make enough so all of your loyal followers will have a chance at one or two or more. I love the little ones because I can fit more in the space I gave to them, but I would just love to hold one of these. Don't forget a Jumbo new baby Chibi!

  8. Hotcakes Baby !....They'll Sell like Hotcakes!

    (I have been away for a while, sorry for a late comment). I think you could sculpt any size chibby and it will sell guessed it.....HOTCAKES!!

    Take Care Sweet One,