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September 22, 2007

Chibis as collectibles

I don't want my stuff to be toys. I make them for adults. I would like them to be collectibles. I don't know, I know there might be money in it, but it's the love that makes me want to do it. I'm afraid that if I tried to get them marketed as toys they'd take my love away and turn it into something profane, cheap little plastic things produced in china's sweat shops or something.

If I could have them produced in the manner of Hummels, or Precious Moments, or something like that, that would interest me.

I want chibis to make adults remember childhood.

I don't understand why feeling happy and innocent and carefree is considered a childish feeling. I don't understand why our world has turned in such a way that children are the only ones associated with such joy. I'm just one person, and can't change this, but I can maybe do a small part in my small circle of the world to remind people that joy isn't just for kids. It's for us all....

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