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July 3, 2011

We adopted a Pitty

 And we've renamed her. Her name is Mooshi. :o)
We went to walmart and got her a cool mesh harness a pound in the ground stake, and a big pyrex casserole dish for water. A big ole' bad of ole' Roy and brought her dog house over here for under the tree. Oh and a pretty pink collar with hearts on it :o)

And I got two big bones, one for her and one for Chloe. And I gave them both their bones, and Chloe went and buried hers and Mooshi started chewing her bone. Then Mooshi got distracted for some reason and Chloe snuck over and stole her bone. LMAO, and then Chloe took it under her dog house, and buried it. So we unburied it and gave it back to Mooshi. Then Chloe started acting all bitchy and bully-ish and trying to take Mooshi's bone. So Mac went and dug up Chloes bone, and let Chloe watch him give it to Mooshi. It was soooo funny. Finally, Chloe got one of the bones and game over to the shed and left  it with us.

Then when I came inside and asked Chloe if she wanted to come, she grabbed her bone and brought it in and buried it in the living room under the rug.

And here's a nice picture of Mooshi

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