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July 15, 2011

Don't Ever Get Proud

That's a new rule that I have for myself. Because when I do, God reminds me that I am NOT as accomplished as I had thought.

And another rule is, "If you're not 100% happy with something, fix it." Today I was reminded of this issue as well.

Jessica's wig is the subject of the deep deep philosophical When I made it, I set it using pin curls and the curls came out nice, but they were too tight to the top of her head. Also because the doll I was rewigging wasn't made by me, that meant the head shape was made to match my wigging style which resulted in the look of less hair than I hoped for. But I thought I could make it work.

I was wrong. Even though it looked cute, I wasn't happy with it for the reasons mentioned above. And this morning when I went to pack her to ship, I saw that her hair had flattened out and her curls weren't like they were. And this is because I didn't put enough spray on it.

And why didn't I put enough spray?? I'd say that subliminally, I knew I wasn't 100% happy and wanted to leave myself room to fiddle with it some more.

Next time -- no putting off the inevitable. Fix it right then an there. And quit thinking, "Oh, I'm good at this, I can make it work".

Here's Jessica with her new wig being set. Notice this time I set it using rollers instead so that the top of her hair could be straight and fluffy like the original hair style.

Her hair has dried, and her style has been completed. I am SO MUCH HAPPIER now. I feel like I did a good job now. Here are her updated photos :o)

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