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July 12, 2011

Rewigging Project

There is a love of dolls that is so great that one will get their favorite dolls "revamped" from time to time. I think this is wonderful, and am so thrilled to be able to help in this area when my skills are applicable. Various things may happen to your doll over it's lifetime, hair losing it's curl, accidents, mishaps etc. So much better to have your doll repaired or restored than to just give up on your little cutie.

This project I'm rewigging two very loved dolls. The girls (dolls) seem to be happy to be at the beauty salon...LOL

I'm creating a post because I wanted to show my progress with this project.

The two dolls that I received were different sizes, and because they were also different materials I decided to wig them on dummy heads instead of directly on the doll. One of them is some form of air dry clay or plaster and the other seemed to be a polymer but with a glaze that I'm unfamiliar with.

I used alligator clips on lollipop sticks with aluminum foil to match the size of the dolls head. I then covered the foil with plastic and secured with twist ties.

Here you can see that I've done the base wigging for both dolls. The doll on the right is Jessica from true blood, and the one on the left is Emma from Glee.
I've set both wigs and they are in the process of drying. The Emma doll has a cute hair style that is parted on the side and curls under around her face. Her curlers are cut pieces of straw, and the clips that I'm using are little miniature pincher clips that you can use on a child hair.

Jessica's wig is being set using pin curls. They are twisted and then rolled into little buns. Her hair is quite long and the curls are meant to only be at the ends of the hair, so when I remove this setting, I will more than likely need to loosen up the curls around the crown of her head.
Emma's hair is dry and ready to style. She's quite anxious to have her new hair :o)
I've removed her rollers and as you can see, the curls are nice and tight. Now is when I'll cut the hair. This way made it easier to roll and I didn't have to worry about the ends.
The hair is cut and styled, and has a finish on it to hold the style. Now I'll remove it from my dummy head and put it onto Emma's head.
And here she is with her new hair-do. She seems quite happy :o) I'm very pleased with this method of rewigging. It was much easier than trying to fight with the doll to get them to keep still. They're very fidgety when you're trying to style or roll the hair. Even during cutting too.
Jessica's wig is dry and ready to start work on now too. First I remove the pins and let the curls loosen.
And now you know how to do a hairstyle for Medusa! LOL...just teasing. Next I need to pull the curls apart using my fingers and a smooth needle. If this hair would be combed, you remember Rosanne Rossannadanna? If you don't, take a look here.
 And here she is with her new wig, very happy with her curls. :o) I had to finger comb it for quite a while to get the curls to lay in the right place. Then her hair was trimmed and it's been sprayed to hold the style.

Thanks for following along with me :o)

4 hours per wig
$40 per wig

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