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July 11, 2011

My Own Honey-Do List

Duct tape caseImage by Dvortygirl via Flickr

(original start day 07/05/2011)
Yup, I'm making one for me...LOL. I just have little projects that I forget to get around to that aren't urgent, or even important, and I want to remember them.

1.  Make a soap dish....research on the net for a good idea and make it.
2.  Make a block like my wing block, but bigger that can hold my most often used tools. That can sit on my desk while I sculpt. With the usual suspects, liner brush, eyebrow comb, clay shapers, needle tool, x-acto knife, wooden tool.
3. Cover my crochet hooks with 2 part epoxy or polymer clay. The plastic ones are done, but the metal small ones are not. They hurt my hands to use them. Fix that. I stamped the sizes into the ends of the clay and covered it with pretty shiny powders. Haven't used them yet.
4.  Make a case to hold my crochet hooks. I'm using a pencil case, but make one that I can see them all at once, like a roll out pouch.
5.  A really cute pin cushion that will fit inside of my sewing box. Make sure to use wood at the bottom so that the pins do not go all the way through and poink me.
6.  Research on the web and find if there are different grades of felt. Find a higher grade than the stuff I bought at Walmart. Once found, search for the lowest price.
7.  Look for bulk embroidery thread for sale. Used, so that the price is lower.
8.  Look for bulk crochet thread....and keep looking. I need more colors but can't afford to pay much.

9.  Book ends for my clay books.  I used a c clamp on the back of my shelf. Works perfect. Finally things aren't falling over :o)

10.  Make a wigging stand. Something that can hold the doll securely and also that is bottom heavy so that it doesn't keep tipping over. Consider making a false head for the stand and reusing it to make the wigs instead of wigging directly on the doll.  Here's my solution. Foil balls on sucker sticks covered with plastic wrap.

11. In the movie "I remember Mamma" the oldest daughter wants a hair receiver. I'd like to make one of those to use with my viscose. Would be neat if I could make one that has a separate place for each color of hair (something that wasn't necessary in the original design)


  1. Oh my goodness! You are so BRAVE to make your own Honey-Do list! I would have a never ending list so it would be totally overwhelming to even start to think about making a list of everything I need to get done, lol!

  2. LOL...I totally know what you mean sweetie! These are just my "wanna do" items. "hafta do" items would fill this blog....he heheh xoxoo