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February 20, 2012

Last Call on Chibi Amigurumi All Still Available under $6 #madeinamerica

Last Call on Chibi Amigurumi
All Still Available under $6 #madeinamerica

This morning I looked at the Amigurumi
sales and like I told my mom last night, they
are going over like a bag of dead worms....LOL
so if you like them even a little bit,
here's your chance to get one for a very low price.
And not to mention, because of their
lack of popularity, I probably won't make
them again....hehe


Can you live without a Chibitude Chibi???
Yes, but after you've seen one in person, you'll ask yourself why you ever did. ;)

Thanks for viewing my item!
I appreciate you spending your valuable time with me
and hope that you will be interested in my art.

xoxo Maddy
(Maddy Nupp McDonald)

"to make it in America we need to make it in America"
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  1. Looks like I missed it, I would like to purchase one, do you have a store?
    Contact me through my website: