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June 3, 2012

New Adoption Center Almost Finished

I've been working on this for weeks! And you'd never know it because it looks so simple :o) But that's good....hopefully it's not cluttered and easy to get around. My old site was starting to look like my closets...LOL

Adoption Center | One of a Kind (ooak) handmade polymer clay kawaii chibi figures

Take a look if you feel interested. Comments are welcome :o) As always xoxoxox


  1. Maddy I love the new site it looks wonderful. Im so excited for you. I know setting up a blog and site are hard I just finished my blog yesterday. And my hiney is still sore. I love your work and I cant wait to get my next chibi to add to my collection. Little Chibi Lilac, Chibi Maddy & Chibi Lori need some more company :) . If anyone needs a reference. this artist is amazing. She creats with so much love that you feel the love in the little chibis eyes when they look at you. Makes you just want to give them a big kiss as soon as you get them. Oops wait a minute I did kiss mine. lol.. Hugs Maddy, Sending you love and much success you deserve it you have brought so much joy to my life you deserve many moons of joy in your. <3

    1. Awwww, Kim, you're so sweet to me. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I'm so super happy that you can feel the chibi love when you meet them. I really try to find that special place that we all have inside, and attempt to make the chibi look in your eyes, and remind you that it's there.

      You're such a sweetie!!! Thank you so much!