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October 13, 2011

Amigurumi Apple Panda Chibi Crochet on Etsy :o)

Amigurumi Apple Panda Chibi Crochet Plush
Buy on Etsy for $20 and free shipping
chibitude My name is Bandit and I am a pretty mellow young panda. I like to cuddle and give lots of kisses. I like to sleep on blankets but what would be even better would be if you let me snuggled on the bed with you. My favorite food is of course Apples! :o)

Chibitude Chibis are little collectibles, sit-abouts, bric-a-brac, chachkies or dust collectors. :o) They are meant to be enjoyed with the eye and with close attention to detail. They are created to be collected and live together in groups. Chibitude Chibis are meant to make you and all who you share them with, smile and feel innocent childlike fascination.

Can you live without a Chibitude Chibi???

Yes, but after you've seen one in person, you'll ask yourself why you ever did. ;) Thanks for viewing my item! I appreciate you spending your valuable time with me and hope that you will be interested in my art.

xoxo Maddy (Maddy Nupp McDonald)

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