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September 14, 2011

New Fuzzy Monsters

I'm working on a new item for a little bit. I never know what's going to "stick" and what isn't. This little guy here is my prototype.
2011-09-13-fm-004.jpg 2011-09-13-fm-005.jpg
2011-09-13-fm-006.jpg 2011-09-13-fm-008.jpg

What I've learned so far with this trial monster is that my Mighty Mend-it glue holds flipping awesome for gluing on the eyes. I thought I was putting them on temporary, but when it came time to remove they said "Nope!"

I've also learned that it's easier to sew the limbs on without the buttons. On the current one I'm working on the legs are arms are sewn on, and I'm going to make cute little buttons to go over the knots. (I think) Everything is still a work in progress.

Also, acrylic yarn can indeed be brushed. I was under the impression from what I read online that it was only wool. Not true :o)

Taking the top row of the limbs and making it flat instead of a tube also helps with the sewing.

Today I'm working on polymer clay eyes for the next one. He's green and yellow and I've painted green eyes for him/her.

That's all for now. :O) xoxo

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