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April 1, 2011

Working on Wings for My Dragonfly

I love making dragonflies, but there's always been something that's made them a little troublesome. And yup, it's the wings. Even though there are so many ways to make wings, most of them do not go through the heat of the oven very well. And the way that I make dragonflies, the entire armature is created at once including the wings.

Today I'm trying a little Angelina Film Sampler 4"X3' 18/Pkg-Assorted Colors (which does distort with heat), but I'm also using some Fimo Liquid Decorating Gel as well, with this idea in my head that maybe the film will shrink and distort, but the Gel will hold together. If I had any sense I'd finish my experiment before sharing in case the whole thing is a failure but heck, I got nothing to do right now while I'm heat testing the wings.

I also should have taken pictures as I moved along in case it DOES work...LOL Well, if it does work, I'll add pictures but for now we're just waiting to see what comes out of the oven in 40 minutes.

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