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April 1, 2011

Dragonfly Wings Results


Here's the materials I used:

Angelina Film Sampler 4"X3' 18/Pkg-Assorted Colors
Fimo Liquid Decorating Gel
Stanley Hardware V2674 24GA Floral Wire, Green
Mighty Mend it
And just in case you're curious about the Mighty Mend it, I got mine at the Family Dollar store that is right across the street, and yes it works very much like Fabri-Tac, it's a little more expensive, but I like it better because the bottle doesn't sit there and oooooooooooze while I'm using it, and it also doesn't seem to be as stringy. My new Favorite Glue.

There are tons of wings tutorials out here on the net, but if anyone wants me too, I can do a tutorial on how I made these. I'd think with the materials list and the picture most people can pretty much figure it out for themselves :o)

I will take some pictures as I work up my dragonfly armature though.

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