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January 9, 2009

Journal Entry, Jan. 9, 2008

Ok, here's what I want to accomplish today.

I really need to get another chibi sculpted. (I've have 2 sitting here right now, but "no offense chibis", I'm not really happy with them. I don't think I did them justice so I need to do something better).

I have work I need to start on the auction side. I want to start working on the categories as soon as possible. I think it's sooooo important that it's user friendly.
(announcement sent: 11am)
(listings across set: 11am)
(updated widget image: 11am)

I need to make a larger fuzzb widget screen shot (I made one last night but my poor computer told me that I was pushing it too hard, and it crashed when it ran out of memory) I really need to be nicer to this baby.

I want to get more clay mixed up so that I have it ready when the "mood" strikes. I did make quite a lot of eyes since the first of the year, but I've used up my stash of clay an not replaced.

I also need to get some wings made ahead of time too. I find that sometimes I'm just in the mood to sculpt. I don't feel like making all the add-ons. So I think it would help to keep me motivated if I made the add-ons first. Of course doing that is going to be a bit tedious and assembly-line-ish. But a person's gotta do what they should right?

Okies...I think that's more that enough planned for today. (I didn't even mention the personal household things I need to take care of).
(laundry, beds---whoop!: 11:20am)

So it's time to get started......yup, time to go and start getting things together......ok, here I go.

I'm still sitting here....lmao. I guess I am not ready to get started But Hey! That's the whole point of this isn't it. To force myself into action. So if I just ignore "me" then I'm just wasting time, and well that's not good.

So ::POOF::

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