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January 9, 2009

I'm trying to create a new habit.

Ok, here's what I'm thinking. I'm going to try to come to this blog the first thing, every morning (my and keep it like a journal, planning out my days etc. This may be completely boring to visitors, I honestly don't know, but I think it will help me to focus.

So far this year, I have had a hard time getting myself into the groove of things. I think a lot of it is because of the economy. Now I know that probably sounds stupid, but because I support my art through the income from the art, when sales are down, I tend to get stingy. Afraid to use clay, supplies etc, because I don't have the money to replace them.

But I have to do something to get myself kicked in the bootie, and get back on

So that's my plan. I'm going to create a new label, called Journal, and get going on it. So here's the warning....get ready for some potentially boring stuff...LOL

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